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powerpuffs's Journal

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The Powerpuffers
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This is a community for the many many adults out there who revel in being obsessed by a little kid's cartoon. The Powerpuff Girls have recently become national icons and it's up to us to support them! Here you can post information about the show, merchandise, useful websites, and questions you have about the girls.

Please keep all posts and discussions on topic.... for example:

Advertising your new website or a cool website you've found about Powerpuffs, Cartoon Network, or cartoons and toys in general = okay.

Advertising random things that don't relate to cartoons or toys in any form = not okay.

Flaming and harrassment will absolutely not be tolerated. This is your warning....I see it, and I will ban you promptly, and delete your post. If you aren't sure if something is on topic or appropriate, please, feel free to ask me.

This community does not have to necessarily be rated G because the Girls are.... LiveJournal requires that users be 13 years and up, and that's fine by me. Please use discretion if you are showing this journal to children under the age of 13. We aren't responsible for what they might see.

This community is maintained by CollegeGirl...let her know if you have any questions!

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